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Life Bridge Sanctuary
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IMG_0838Are you a life or business coach?
A creative entrepreneur?
A teacher?

Is your mission to embolden and empower women, while also expanding your client base?

Then our Femme! Immersion/Teacher Training is for you!

Join us May 17-20! 

Empower yourself and encourage other women in their journeys towards wholeness, freedom, and self-love through the joy of authentic movement.

After completing the Femme! Teacher Training, you will be able to:

  • IMG_0839Help your clients eliminate the internal blocks that stand between them and their goals,
  • Enhance the spiritual and emotional dimensions of your business curriculum, products, and services,
  • Lead women into a pleasurable relationship with their bodies, souls, and goals in a safe healing space,
  • Help your clients celebrate their womanhood in all of its curves and complexities,
  • Master a new paradigm in health, fitness, and well-being that liberates women from judgment and self-doubt,
  • Help your clients to honor the sexy soulfulness of the feminine spirit,
  • Use movement as a form of passionate creativity, celebration, self-expression, and empowerment, and,
  • Grow your business by reaffirming the connection with your own power, agency, and feminine divine.

If “YES!” is the answer that resounds in your soul, then get ready for a juicy new journey that will set your life and the lives of the women you touch on fire.

Welcome home! Femme! Teacher Training is for you.


EiM-CONFIDENTMore About Femme! Teacher Training
Founder, Bernadette Pleasant

Created by Dance, Health and Fitness Expert Bernadette Pleasant, Femme! is a passionate fusion of sensual movement, dance, meditation and healing arts that celebrates the feminine form. Becoming a Femme! Teacher is an exhilarating opportunity to empower yourself and encourage other women in their journey towards wholeness, freedom and self-love through the joy of authentic movement.

The location: Lifebridge is a beautiful, scenic 12,000 square foot retreat center nestled in New York’s Hudson Valley. It combines a natural, environmentally conscious woodland setting, with comfortable, contemporary, hand-crafted design. It boasts beautiful movement, meeting, dining and sleeping spaces that encourage well-being and community. Located eighty miles north of New York City, it is conveniently accessible by car or bus.