Tyra Sammons-Lane

Philadelphia, PA

I LOVE the way Femme! gets under your skin. The way that it invites you to move ur body & connects you to what matters most on physical,

Melinda Gulick

My two favorite things about Femme! are the live drums and the emotional tour. Live drumming is magical and allows us to reach levels of our

Ashlee Crusco

New York

My favorite thing about Femme! is the freedom and the buzzing energy I feel after a class. I too often overlook or push aside my emotions f

Antonette Jerrick

Philadelphia, PA

Antonette Jerrick aka “Goddess Mommy” aka Ant aka Neto. Born in Guyana South American raised in Brooklyn, New York and live between Penn

Felice Amera

Queens, NY

One of the brilliant things about Femme! is the way it prepares you, and then coaxes you into fully *EMBODYING* your feelings. So that you c

Theres Kull

Riverside, CT

Theres Kull, mama, anne (Turkish for mom) My favorite thing about Femme! is that it opens a safe and sacred space to explore how we as women

Krista Kujat

Larkspur, North Bay, California

I LOVE how the primal vibration of live drums transports our bodies and emotions back to the core of who we are human beings. It’s sac

Kimberly Simms

Kimberly Simms is trained in Femme!, Qoya, a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Healing Consultant, wife, and mother of 4 magical c

Bernadette Pleasant

Maplewood, New Jersey and New York City

Bernadette Pleasant (aka… Mom, Nana, Queen B, Bern, B, Mama & Primal Empress) My favorite thing about Femme! is the use of the dru