Felice Amera

Queens, NY

One of the brilliant things about Femme! is the way it prepares you, and then coaxes you into fully *EMBODYING* your feelings. So that you c

Azaria Carolynn Ulmer

New York, NY

I love everything about Femme! but the drums baby… I love the drums! I lose my self in them. Femme! takes me to another place, the vib

Theres Kull

Riverside, CT

Theres Kull, mama, anne (Turkish for mom) My favorite thing about Femme! is that it opens a safe and sacred space to explore how we as women

Krista Kujat

Larkspur, North Bay, California

Krista is the creator of Permission Session workshops. She works with women who feel shut down from themselves & their bodies, and helps

Bernadette Pleasant

Maplewood, New Jersey and New York City

Bernadette Pleasant (aka… Mom, Nana, Queen B, Bern, B, Mama & Primal Empress) My favorite thing about Femme! is the use of the dru