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“Participating in the process made me heal.”

That’s a direct quote from Lucio, a new drummer in the Femme! family. More on that shortly.

In addition to leading monthly Femme! Experiences in New York City, I have the honor of traveling the world offering my signature 90-minute experiences, full-day workshops, teacher trainings and luxury tropical retreats. What some may not know is that I’m often asked to lead private one-on-one Femme! sessions, private group Femme! experiences and private customized workshops at retreats and conferences.

Recently, I lead a Femme! experience at a private retreat in upstate New York. When I am unable to travel with Femme!’s resident drummers, I often utilize local talent or artists who happen to be attending the same event. That is how I met Lucio. He was my drummer for the weekend. I asked Lucio to share what it was like working with me and what his Femme! Experience was like. Watch below.

The transcript of Lucio’s Testimonial is below.

“So my name is Lucio and I was one of the drummers. It’s good that we’re doing this testimony because I am still feeling the energy from the healing that happened here. It just opened a vortex for people to connect with themselves and just expel everything that they needed too. Like relief and release themselves. And going through the journey of emotions, it’s really important to realize what emotions to do us. Participating in this process made me heal and I was just observing how can such powerful healing be so fast. And such a good orientation that she has towards people for people to just dance as they would love to dance anywhere. And I don’t think that people have this opportunity every day and maybe they spend years to have this opportunity like that. So I definitely recommend it and I would definitely love to participate more and more and more. Thank you.”

Lucio’s experience was so profound, that he wanted to become more involved with Femme! With that being said, I am excited to announce that for those attending the Utah Femme! Immersion & Teacher Training and/or the 90-minute Femme! experience, you will get to experience your primal movement and emotional tour with Lucio as my “co-teacher.”

If you’re new here, Femme! is a passionate fusion movement class that guides participants through a series of sensual expressions to unleash their physical power and discover release. Set to live African drums and uniting elements of primal movement and meditation, Femme! participants take an emotional tour through joy, rage, and more to reach a place of catharsis and sensual celebration.

Femme! explodes the typical “gym class” concept to include people of all genders, ages, sizes, and bodies. There’s no specific background needed, and everyone is welcome. Created as a whole-self experience, Femme! guides its participants toward empowerment, presence, and community—as well as fitness and wellness.

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