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Did you know that Catalina Island is quite a jewel? It is a quiet slice of a European-esque visual get away without the need for a passport. Please enjoy the video below as I share a quick overview of my recent travels.

I announced last month that I was going on tour with Leora Edut of Goddess on the Go in celebration of her book launch. She created a book tour throughout California that included a few days on Catalina Island. As this month is National Emotional Wellness Month and our theme for this quarter is “Adventure,” it seemed divinely serendipitous that my business trip to Catalina included a leisure aspect of wellness.

As I travel quite often for both business and leisure reasons, I find that travel gives me a chance to pause. That’s especially helpful considering my entire business and brand is built around “motion” and “movement.” I would encourage you to become curious and explore new destinations. That’s just what I did and I found a new favorite island to add to my travel list. In fact, I’m going back to Catalina in early spring of 2019 to offer two Femme! Experiences.

What to do on Catalina Island?

One of the first things I did was to go on a nature walk, which included an outdoor meditation. I love being near the ocean. Hearing the swell of waves soothes my mind and restores my soul. Something deep within me relaxes when I getaway. Hence, my new love affair with all things Catalina!

  • I also had lunch with an ocean view. In fact I enjoyed many great meals which included lots of fresh fish.
  • I attended a local women’s forum.
  • I laid on the beach for hours at a time.
  • I enjoyed the jaw-dropping sunset each night and the star-filled skies.
  • I slept soundly to the soundtrack of the ocean.
  • I sunbathed. (If you keep reading, you can watch my sunbathing video.)
  • And of course, I offered a Femme! Experience as part of the Goddess on the Go Book Launch Tour stop at the Island Spa in Catalina.

Overall, I’m positively delighted to have experienced Catalina. It reminds me of a mini-Nice or mini-Monaco. It’s only about a square mile and is entirely serene. Leora and I stayed at The Avalon Hotel. (The Owner’s Kathleen Gosselin and her husband Rock are simply phenomenal! When in Catalina, be sure to stop by and see them. Even better, stay overnight. Their hotel is wonderful! www.TheAvalonHotel.com}  I was curious to learn more about the history of Catalina. I’ve traveled quite a bit and yet had never heard of nor been to Catalina. A quick Wikipedia reading explained the following:

“The island was closed to tourists during World War II and used as a military training facility.”


At one point,  “the island was sporadically used for smuggling, otter hunting, and gold-digging, before successfully being developed into a tourist destination by chewing gum magnate William Wrigley, Jr. beginning in the 1920s.”

“There’s also a 14-year-long wait list to bring a car to the island. “

  • Marilyn Monroe lived with her first husband, James Dougherty, in the town of Avalon for several months in 1943.
  • General George S. Patton Jr. met his wife Beatrice Ayer on Catalina when they were children.
  • In the 1930s, due to its proximity to Hollywood, Catalina Island was a favored getaway destination for Hollywood stars such as Clarke Gable.

It has such a diverse and rich history. Ok, as promised, here’s another video of my time in Catalina. I decided to combine two of my favorite things. Sun Bathing + Sensual Dancing!

I would love to see you throughout my travels. I’ll be in Baltimore at the Movement Lab later this month. In mid-November, I’ll be in Alexandria, Virginia leading my Femme! Teacher Training program.  I’ll even be back in Catalina in just a few months. We’re still squaring away the details but if you want to be among the first to know, make sure you’re on the Femme! Mailing List. If you’re local to New York, I’ll be offering Femme! at the Assemblage Nomad this Friday as part of the NYC stop of the Goddess on the Go Tour. There’s also a Femme! Experience on November 4th at Lucid Body House.

Wondering What To Do Next?

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