Emotional Healing on a Primal Level



Femme! is a fusion movement experience that guides participants through a series of sensual expressions to unleash their physical power and discover release. Set to live drums and uniting elements of primal dance, meditation and creative play, Femme! participants take an emotional tour through joy, rage, and more to reach a place of catharsis and empowerment.

The Femme! Experience, a signature 90 minute class, celebrates the human form. Femme! explodes the typical “gym class” concept to include people of all genders, ages, sizes, and bodies. There’s no specific background needed, and everyone is welcome. Created as a whole-self experience, Femme! guides its participants toward empowerment, presence, and community—as well as fitness and wellness within sacred, safe spaces.

In today’s world, we are bombarded with experiences that draw us away from a pleasurable sense of ease in our minds and bodies. Everything from daily stressors to fatigue, to trauma can leave us feeling tense, depleted, unhealthy and out of balance. That’s why Femme! was created. Femme! reconnects us to our innate power; coaxing us out of our heads and back into the sensual strength of our bodies.

Femme! Experience by Jodi Targon - livefemme.com

“There are no good, bad light or dark emotions, only emotions that need to be fully expressed.”  – Bernadette Pleasant, Femme! Founder

Femme! as a lifestyle empowers and invites everyone to reclaim their personal power and to boldly display that power as they walk throughout the world. When we “live Femme!” we radiate our unique magnificence through our body, our work, our relationships and with everyone and everything we comes in contact. A person who Lives Femme! moves freely and fabulously in the world in full connection to oneself and the Divine.

Femme! is inspired by African, Tribal and Free Dance interwoven with the somatic and primal healing arts. Built on a heart-rate system, Femme! starts out slow and gently builds to a peak—physically and emotionally—before coming down. Femme! uses touch, vocalizations, and a live drum circle to ease the transitions along this journey and build community.

Founded by healer, dancer, and entrepreneur Bernadette Pleasant, Femme! has more than 60 certified instructors across the United States, the United Kingdom and China and offers a uniquely meditative take on movement, fitness, and wellness.

Femme! Offerings include:

  • Femme! Experience – A 90 minute fusion of sensual movement, meditation and celebration inspired by African, Tribal and Free Dance led by Founder, Bernadette Pleasant or our licensed Femme! Teachers
  • Femme! WorkshopsHalf or full day explorations of emotional freedom through primal movement and vocalization with live African drums.
  • Femme! RetreatsLuxurious, tropical 4 day trips that include expanded deep Femme! Experiences, meditations, workshops, and excursions.
  • Femme! Talks & CirclesKeynote addresses by Bernadette Pleasant for those silenced, shut down, suppressed and unexpressed who seek transformation
  • Femme! 1 on 1 or Group Privates –  In person or virtual  coaching and healing sessions led by Bernadette Pleasant utilizing the pillars of the Femme! Healing Methods
  • Femme! Teacher Trainings – 3 to 4 day immersions in the Femme! technique, followed by a certificate of completion with an option to be a licensed Femme! Teacher.
  • Femme! Collaborations – Partnered events created with wellness, fitness and empowerment brands and entrepreneurs
  • Femme! Online Shop Accessories, Apparel and Candles that offer comfort, style and aids in personal wellness and self-care practices.

Femme! invites people not only to exercise but also to take up space, physically and emotionally. Participants are ultimately infused with the affirmation: “It’s your body. You can do whatever you want with it—including love it unapologetically!”

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