Become a Femme! Teacher.

Emotional Healing on a Primal Level with Live African Drums developed by Somatic Healer and Creator of Femme!, Bernadette Pleasant.

  • Are you a life or business coach? A creative entrepreneur? A movement or fitness teacher? A performer? A healer or wellness practitioner?
  • Is your mission to embolden and empower, while also expanding your client base?
  • Are you in search of a holistic, embodied and integrated certification that fuses movement, wellness, body wisdom and energy work?
Femme! by Bernadette Pleasant -

Empower yourself and encourage others in their journeys towards wholeness, freedom and self-love through Femme!.

Femme! is more than a class. It is an ongoing wellness practice that integrates emotional healing through mind-body movement. It is an experience in presence within safe spaces that includes meditation, creative physical visualization, play and healing.

The $4.2 trillion Wellness Industry is rapidly growing and greatly in need of qualified, transformative and passionate leaders.

After completing the Femme! Teacher Training, you will be able to:

  • Skillfully guide your clients using the most effective tools and pathways to eliminate the internal blocks that stand between them and their goals
  • Enhance the spiritual and emotional dimensions of your business curriculum, products, and services
  • Master a new paradigm in health, fitness and well-being that liberates your clients from judgment and self-doubt
  • Lead your clients into a pleasurable relationship with their bodies, souls and goals in a safe healing space
  • Help your clients celebrate their personhood in all of its curves, angles and complexities
  • Help your clients to honor the sexy soulfulness of the human spirit
  • Use movement as a form of passionate creativity, celebration, self-expression, and empowerment
  • Grow your business by reaffirming the connection with your own power, agency, and divine energy
Pam Villeneuve – Femme! Instructor -

Empower yourself and encourage others in their journeys towards wholeness, freedom and self-love through Femme!.

If this makes you say “YES!” in a way that resounds in your soul, then get ready for a juicy new journey that will set your life and the lives of the students/clients you touch on fire.

Your Immersion Training Includes:

  • Three days of immersion in the Femme! technique
  • Learning the fundamentals, history and theory of Femme!,
  • Understanding wo/men’s relationships to movement for health and wellbeing
  • Physical and emotional mind/body wisdom
  • Preparation for teaching
  • Marketing and business techniques
  • Femme! Community Support
  • Culminating in Certification as a Femme! Teacher

What type of support will I receive as a new Femme! Teacher?

  • One-on-one coaching with Femme! Creator Bernadette Pleasant
  • Monthly group coaching conference calls led by Femme! Creator, Bernadette Pleasant
  • Professional teacher profile on the Femme! website directing local students to your Femme! Experiences
  • Access to the online Femme! Teacher’s Library
  • Access to Femme!’s branding resources and collateral for promotion of your Femme! Classes
  • Customizable marketing materials
  • Ongoing training opportunities and other resources to foster your growth and success as a Femme! Teacher,  including complimentary access to the new Femme! Teacher Academy (monthly masterclasses)
  • Peer Support and access to Femme! Teacher’s private Facebook group
  • Complimentary entry to Bernadette’s public Femme! Experience class that immediately follows your training
  • Access to Femme! suggested playlists
  • Merchandising materials
Become a Femme! Teacher –
Become a Femme! Teacher –

What are the Femme! Teachers saying about Femme!?

  • “My favorite things about Femme! are fully being myself in my body with movement and dance, in all the emotional flavors, including the sensual and tribal within me. And I just love the live drums!!! I am so excited to share this so others can have the same magical and healing experience!” – Anne Margolis, CNM,LM, MSN, BSN, RNC of Home Sweet Home Birth is a Licensed Certified Nurse Midwife, Licensed Femme! Teacher, Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and Yoga Teacher


  • “My life has always been about creating as many spaces for flight and liberation as possible – especially for Black Women (like me!) and other marginalized peeps. As a healer/dancer/organizer/physician/creative. . .etc. ..etc. Femme! resonates with my ancestral roots and afrofuturist visions. Them drums y’all! and that sweet surrender. Queen Bernadette Pleasant has blessed us with this offering that will change the world.” Luella Toni Lewis, MD is a Family and Geriatric Doctor, Kemetic (African) Yoga Instructor, Healer, Dancer and Health Equity and Social Justice Strategist


  • “Finding Femme! was like coming home, home to the parts of me that got lost along the way. My deepest passion is to encourage and inspire women to truly love themselves, and believe they are enough. My desire is to create a safe place of healing, where women can come to dance and move through their emotions, to free the locked up parts that the world would say is “too much,” to give space for women to awaken and connect with their bodies in a deep, sensual, playful and nourishing way” – Rain Montana of Ambitious Living is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Life Coach and Co-Owner/Producer of NorCal Fitness Classic.


  • My favorite thing about Femme! is that we can be wild! I love that Femme! gives us permission to truly feel and honor our emotional range. It’s a place where we can witness and be witnessed, without judgment.” – Stephanie Redlener is a  Leadership Coach, Culture Consultant and Connector


  • “My favorite thing about Femme! is how it creates so much freedom in my body and experiencing Femme! regularly increases my ability to hold more emotions than I thought possible…my own and others emotions too. I want to offer people a safe, vibrant and powerful space for them to fully embody their emotions and express themselves completely.”Caitlin Ryvlin is a Postpartum Doula.
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