“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”
~ Rumi

Take your love of dance and movement to the next level by becoming a teacher of Femme!. Created by dance, health and fitness expert Bernadette Pleasant, Femme! is a passionate fusion of sensual movement, dance, meditation and healing arts that celebrates the feminine form. Becoming a Femme! Teacher is an exhilarating opportunity to empower yourself and encourage other women in their journey towards wholeness, freedom and self-love through the joy of authentic movement.

Is Femme! Teacher Training For You?

  • Are you the type of woman who feels drawn to a life that honors the sexy soulfulness of the feminine spirit?
  • Do you enjoy movement as a form of passionate creativity, celebration, self-expression and empowerment?
  • Have you felt a desire to lead women into a pleasurable relationship with their bodies in a safe and sacred healing space?
  • Are you drawn to a new paradigm in health, fitness and well-being that liberates women from judgment and celebrates womanhood in all of its curves and complexities?

If “Yes!” is the answer that resounds in your soul, then get ready for a juicy new journey that will set your life and the lives of the women you touch on fire. Welcome home! Femme! Teacher Training is for you.


Why Practice and Teach Femme!

As women, we are bombarded with experiences that draw us away from a pleasurable sense of ease in our minds and bodies. Everything from daily stressors, to fatigue, to trauma can leave a woman feeling tense, depleted, unhealthy and out of balance. That’s why Femme! was uniquely created by a woman for women! It’s a fun, sexy, liberating movement practice that takes a woman on a journey to herself.



No previous dance or teaching experience required. Just a passionate desire to learn and teach Femme!.


Training Includes:

  • Three days of immersion in the Femme! technique
  • Learning the fundamentals, history and theory of Femme!
  • Understanding women’s relationships to movement for health and well-being
  • Physical and emotional mind/body wisdom
  • Preparation for teaching
  • Learn to create a musical landscape to facilitate a moving Femme! class experience
  • Marketing and business guidance
  • Learn how social media helps promote your business
  • LiveFemme! Community Support
  • Femme! Teacher Certification

Post Training

Following the Immersion & Training weekend, participants receive a Femme! Certificate of Completion. To become a licensed teacher you must sign pay the licensing fee which will give you full license to teach your own classes and access to the Teacher’s Library for all of your resources. This license must be renewed annually.


Femme! Teacher Training Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Femme! designed for?

Femme! is a welcoming, nonjudgmental movement practice exclusively for women. It’s an inclusive, affirming celebration of womanhood. Women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and levels of fitness and ability are welcome.

How is Femme! different from other dance, movement and fitness techniques?

Femme! incorporates aspects of dance and fitness without the rigidity of linear steps or masculine approaches to exercise. Femme! invites a woman to fully show up with all her “stuff”, encouraging her to move in ways that are pleasurable to her body, work up a strong, healthy sweat, slow down to a sexy simmer, and leave feeling more expanded, empowered and more in love with herself! Femme! does not take a “no-pain-no-gain” approach to fitness. Nor does it involve a cookie-cutter approach to choreography. Femme! honors the natural way in which a woman’s body is intended to move. Through this liberated practice, women get to experience increased vitality, health, strength and wellness in a way that is pleasurable, freeing and fun.

Are there prerequisites for the Femme! Teacher Training? Do I need to already be a dance, movement or fitness instructor?

No, there is no previous professional training or experience required. Women of all backgrounds are encouraged if they possess passion, creativity, commitment and a willingness to learn, grow and evolve. Femme! is a dynamic physical practice. So, good overall health and physical stamina are essential.

How do I become a Femme! Teacher!

The process includes completing the three day Teacher Training course in order to be certified. After completion,To become a licensed teacher you must sign the licensing agreement and pay the licensing fee ($250) which will give you full license to teach your own classes and access to coaching from Bernadette and Teacher’s Library for all of your resources. This license must be renewed annually.

Will I be ready and able to teach immediately after training

Yes. The key objective of Femme! Teacher Training is to prepare you to be fully equipped to teach Femme! classes. New teachers will be supported with helpful resources within the LiveFemme! Community that will help you to feel confident in your ability to teach and build your business. As with all independent fitness instructors, as a Femme! Teacher you are responsible for obtaining insurance and CPR certifications.

What type of support will I receive as a new Femme! Teacher?

  • Personal profile on the LiveFemme! website directing local students to your classes
  • Access to the online LiveFemme! Teacher’s Library
  • Monthly group coaching conference calls
  • Access to Femme! suggested playlist
  • Access to LiveFemme! private Facebook page
  • Access to Femme! photos for promotion of your Femme! classes
  • Complimentary entry to Bernadette’s Femme! classes
  • Peer support
  • Merchandising materials
  • Periodic one-to-one coaching with Bernadette
  • Customizable marketing materials
  • Ongoing training opportunities and other resources to foster your growth and success as a Femme! Teacher

Become a teacher: book your place at our Next Teacher Training or email [email protected] for information about future training.