Every quarter we pick a theme to focus on in the world of Femme! Our Autumn focus is ADVENTURE!  “For the sake of your soul, venture out.” – Lola Akinmade Åkerström As music is an essential part of the Femme! experience, we thought it fit to share a new playlist with you. This is the…

In this video testimonial, new Femme! drummer Lucio shares how “participating in the process made me heal.” Watch or read more of his story!

Around these parts, I’m asking everyone, “What are you excited about? What are your adventures? What are you birthing?”

Femme! is going on tour with Goddess on the Go and I am soooo excited! My dear friend Leora Edut, Creatrix of Goddess on the Go recently published her first book, “Goddess on the Go: Rituals to Help You Slow Down and Slay.” and we are touring the country in celebration!

June 21, 2018 begins the official summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, and that means one thing…SUMMER FESTIVAL SEASON!!! Besides the obvious festivals mostly geared around music such as Beychella Coachella, Lollapalooza, Burning Man and the Governor’s Ball to name a few, there are many others to explore and attend geared towards every possible interest….

The busyness of everyday life can easily eclipse all our aspirations to set aside sacred me-time. If the enthusiasm with which you made your resolutions, and set your intentions, seems like a very distant memory – now that we’re one month into the year – you’re not alone!

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