Catalina Island is the Perfect Destination for a Wellness Getaway. In this post, video included Femme! Creator Bernadette Pleasant gives us a travel snapshot.

Every quarter we pick a theme to focus on in the world of Femme! Our Autumn focus is ADVENTURE!  “For the sake of your soul, venture out.” – Lola Akinmade Åkerström As music is an essential part of the Femme! experience, we thought it fit to share a new playlist with you. This is the…

In this video, I share why I created Femme! If this resonates with you…the drums, the beautiful mess, the guttural sounds and the primal movement, join me for an upcoming Femme! Experience or Event.

The busyness of everyday life can easily eclipse all our aspirations to set aside sacred me-time. If the enthusiasm with which you made your resolutions, and set your intentions, seems like a very distant memory – now that we’re one month into the year – you’re not alone!

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