Femme! Retreats

When you feel the pull
of the sacred pause…

When you crave the embrace
of ecstatic sisterhood…

When you desire to be nourished
by the divine wisdom of your body…

You’re ready to surrender…
to the heart of your wildness
the wildness of your heart.

You’re ready to come home to
your exquisite spirit,
your outrageous truth,
your sacred community.

Awaken the magnificent power within you.
Nourish yourself in the vibrant circle
of Femme! sisterhood.

Join our long-awaited retreat
in the jewel of the Caribbean – Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Hello darling,

I know that if you’re here with me, you’re clear about living a life that’s meaningful, delicious and true.

You believe – as you should – that a joyful, soulful life isn’t just possible, but necessary.

Because you know with all your heart that when you thrive, so does everyone around you.

In fact, you’re turned on by the dream of making a difference in the world by expressing your most juicy self …

Showing up for your loved ones in a conscious, whole-hearted way.

Being a supernova of creative innovation.
Guiding others to healing and prosperity.
Sharing your gifts with joy.
And so much more.

Such commitment takes guts, wisdom and strength.

But not the kind we grew up with – the masculine, success at any cost, push till it hurts and then push some more kind of approach.

Femme! Retreat - www.livefemme.com

Such commitment takes guts, wisdom and strength.

But not the kind we grew up with – the masculine, success at any cost, push till it hurts and then push some more kind of approach.

You know – as I do – that our one precious world can only find healing and abundance by connecting to an essential energy that’s been missing for too long.

And so you’ve said YES to living the divine feminine into being.

Whether in your work, with loved ones or just walking down the street, you’re called to honor and embody the beauty and wisdom of the goddess in every way you can. (It’s one of the things I love about a woman like you who’s drawn to Femme!) and…

You crave more.

You feel a tug in your heart to connect more deeply with your radiant, wise, sensual, feminine essence.

You really want to take the lid off.

Femme! Retreats by Bernadette Pleasant – www.livefemme.com
Femme! Retreats by Bernadette Pleasant - www.livefemme.com

You have the sense that something big is ready to emerge in your life.

You know it’s vital to keep shedding layers of the old you, the one who’s actually not you. Because she can still sometimes act in wounded, self-sabotaging ways that leave you feeling defeated and discouraged.

How do you free even more of yourself – your real self?

How do you change the game for YOU
so you can help change the game for your world?

After years coaching and teaching women who feel stuck, like their passion is getting moldy at the back of the closet, to feel more free, confident and creative, here’s how I see what’s really going on…

(Get ready because it’s going to seem nuts. You might even think I’m nuts.)

When a woman feels frustrated by a life that’s unfulfilling (or downright sad), she seeks support, guidance, and her own inner strength.

And then she gets…

Super busy.
You desire – and deserve! – to live a BIG, passionate life with confidence and creative fire.

But your dreams get buried in the blur of kicking butt at work, running errands, answering one more email…

When you’ve got people and tasks asking for your attention and care,

How do you get clarity, energy and inspiration to go bigger?

So here’s the part you might find surprising and even a little challenging…

We think we can’t take the next step in creating more fulfilling, passionate lives because we’re busy.

And I’m here to tell you, with deep love…


It’s not that we can’t create next-level change because we’re busy.

We’re busy because we’re resisting next-level change, the extraordinary life that’s calling us.

Bouncing from errands to meetings and even to fun activities and self-care, we lose touch with – and turn away from – our inner guidance.

So we keep things status quo by keeping busy.

That’s when it’s VITAL to slow down and tune into what’s most important – not what seems urgent (because usually it’s not).

But overcoming those old patterns can feel like more “work.”

Real talk, my beauty…

You’re stuck because you’re trying to spark change by thinking your way through the frustration.

The answer isn’t in your mind.

It’s in your body.

Remember her?

Femme! Retreat - www.livefemme.com

We lose connection with our wisdom and power because we lose connection with our bodies.

I see this disconnect happen with the women who come to Femme! classes, workshops and coaching sessions – women discovering their truth through movement, creativity, play and community.

The busy-ness, the lack of passion, and the stuck-ness ALWAYS show up in our bodies.

If there’s one mantra that guides everything in my life – my work, my relationships, EVERYTHING – it’s that the body never lies.

The more you can dive deep, then the more fluent you become in the language of your wonderful, sensual body and what she can teach you.

When you open up a dialogue with your body, you recover an essential part of yourself.
It’s something that actually has no place in our everyday lives.

Because the world tells us it’s inappropriate. Too risky.

In fact, it is.

It’s your wildness.

The wildness of woman – your wildness – is the you
that’s most
deliciously and unapologetically YOU.

It’s raw.
It’s powerful.
It’s grounded.
It’s truth.
It’s YOU.
All of you.

Once you surrender to that spot, you can awaken your true power, infinite and radiant as the sun. Your source of true freedom.

During a recent Femme! workshop, a woman averted her eyes as she told me she couldn’t possibly dance because she was too old, fat and uncoordinated. What I heard was the apology that her life had become, avoiding any possible disapproval. I also heard how powerfully she yearned to dance, especially because she’d denied herself the chance.

The dance that exploded like fireworks through this woman’s body, supposedly too old, fat and “uncoordinated”… well, that was a revolutionary dance of freedom.

I can say that, after years dancing with women of all kinds…

Every woman who dances that freedom then inspires more women to reach for their freedom, to connect with their true selves, once they witness her living full-out.

When a woman admires the freedom and confidence she sees in another woman, there’s a recognition – she knows she’s witnessing something that lives in her too.

Just imagine the world-changing healing and connection as more women discover their truth through their beautiful, feminine bodies …

The Femme! Retreat

Femme! Retreats by Bernadette Pleasant - www.livefemme.com
Femme! Retreats by Bernadette Pleasant - www.livefemme.com

After years of students asking for more focused and extended time to dance, laugh, cry, hug and just be together, I’ve created a unique, sacred space to do just that.

During this retreat, you’ll taste, savor and snuggle up to your gorgeous wildness – the essential youShe’ll guide you to your most game-changing, heart-expanding desires. (The ones that might be so scary, your mind won’t even let you think of them.)

I’ve designed every detail of this retreat for you to feel inspired and held, to support you in opening fully to your desires, to your next great adventure.

“A place where freedom from social constraints comes through movement that begins pulsing from deep within her. Where the first dance is to the rhythm of the heartbeat of the mother.This time our mother was Bernadette Pleasant and our womb Femme! In this womb, I found full permission to let tightly held emotions rush out, scream out and most importantly dance out fully. I have come full circle.
~ Theres Kull

Your Femme! Retreat Experience

Through Femme! workshops, guided meditation, and special excursions, you’ll receive…

  • An embodied experience of who you really are
    I’m talking about the you that is alive, peaceful, powerful, and unshakeable – no matter what’s going on.
  • The Femme! approach to tuning into your truth:
    Learn how to honor your emotions, access your wisdom and engage your strength so you can continue expanding, even during those full, busy times in your daily life.
  • The support of women ready to witness and celebrate you right where you are, holding space and sharing the vision for your boldest dreams to take shape.

During each Femme! workshop, you’ll be inspired by the music of live drummers, in sacred circle with your Femme! sisterhood.

Femme! is a multisensory journey of dance, creative movement, meditation and a celebration of the feminine, inspired by African, Tribal and Free Dance, and infused with the sensual and healing arts. In each Femme! Experience, I create a safe space for women of all ages, backgrounds, body types and dance skills to explore their sacred, sensual selves.

Through Femme! you’re guided to embrace and express ALL of your emotions through movement; joy, sorrow, rage, ecstasy and more are all welcome and honored.

My first introduction to Femme got me instantly hooked to the practice. How could it not? Moving around the room connecting with each other with the most heartfelt hugs… Then dancing to the beat of live drums, so primal, so connected to my very core, so ecstatic… Finally, ending the class with rose petals and gratitudes.

I clearly remember my body feeling like she shed years and years of heavy old memories that were stuck somewhere in my cells. I felt recharged and rejuvenated from very deep within, in a way that no spa treatment would be able to provide.

Bernadette’s classes and workshops are profound soulful experiences that will leave you intoxicated with the beauty and sensuality of yourself as Woman.”
~ Inna Shapkina

Femme! Retreats - www.livefemme.com
Femme! Retreats by Bernadette Pleasant - www.livefemme.com

Your Retreat Community

This luxurious tropical retreat is our time to immerse ourselves in the loving, healing, playful circle of sisterhood.

If there’s one thing I believe with all my heart, it’s that we need community to heal, to remind ourselves as the powerful, magic-making women we truly are.

I’ve seen sisterhood create miracles, time and again. Because when we bear witness to one another and feel the same sacred witnessing in return, we restore our vitality on a cellular level.

This I know for sure.

That’s why I’ve created this expanded and deep Femme! experience to slow down and dive deeper while learning from, celebrating and supporting each other.

We’ll be nourished by this intimate gathering of women in a way we rarely get to enjoy in the hustle of our daily lives at home.

Your Retreat Program

Every day, you’ll have the option of structured time, including meditation, Femme! workshops plus special excursions – so you can let go, trust and play.

You’ll also have the option of unstructured time to honor the rhythms of your desire… stroll by the beach, venture around the resort, nap, draw, read, journal, dance, and just… BE.

Sample itinerary (actual times subject to change)

3 – 5pm Welcome session
6pm – Dinner at Villa

8 – 10am Breakfast prepared by our own private chef in the villas
10am – 12pm Femme! workshop
12 – 2pm Lunch on our own / free time to enjoy as you desire
2 – 4pm Group excursion
7 – 9pm Beach BBQ

8 -10am Breakfast prepared by our own private chef in the villas
10am – 12pm Femme! workshop
12 – 2pm Lunch on our own / free time to enjoy as you desire
2 – 4pm  Group excursion
6 – Dinner on our own or at Villa

8 -10am Breakfast prepared by our own private chef in the villas
10am – 12pm Femme! workshop
12 – 2 Lunch on our own / free time to enjoy as you desire
2 – 4pm Femme! workshop
4 – 6pm Group excursion
7 – 9pm Group outdoor dinner with buffet and music

8 -10am Breakfast prepared by our own private chef in the villas
10am – 12pm Femme! workshop

Femme! Retreats by Bernadette Pleasant - www.livefemme.com
Femme! Retreats by Bernadette Pleasant - www.livefemme.com

Your Retreat Location

Bask in the luxurious elegance, the pristine accommodations and natural beauty of Half Moon Bay resort, a 5-star, world-renowned destination on Montego Bay, the jewel of the Caribbean.

Imagine waking up to tropical breezes caressing your skin. You’ll relax, dance, laugh, and play in our private circle of secluded villas – just for us! – with our own swimming pool and garden.

Each morning, our very own private chef will prepare breakfast, just as you desire. And throughout the retreat, you’ll be pampered by our private butler, ready to serve.

Our time together is designed to support you in letting everything go.

Yes, my beauty. Everything.

My deepest desire is for you to enjoy an environment where you savor the freedom of sweet surrender.

So you can feel into your true desire in each… delicious… moment.

Femme! Retreats by Bernadette Pleasant - www.livefemme.com

A Very Special Surprise

I hand-picked Half Moon Bay Resort for several reasons.

Because the location is unforgettably gorgeous.

Because you will be exquisitely taken care of. And…

Because it offers unique and powerful experiences, perfect for an exploration of our wildness:

You will have the extraordinary, exhilarating opportunity to play with two of Mother Nature’s most brilliant and powerful creatures – dolphins and horses – while dancing in the tropical ocean waves.

Our powerful animal teachers will bring out and teach things you can’t learn in a classroom.

I experienced this myself and had to overcome my fear of big, wild animals, plus the fact that I’m not a good swimmer.

I could have chosen to observe from the safety of the beach. But I was called to come closer. I didn’t want to experience it from the sidelines. I took a chance on myself and went forward.

Femme! Retreats by Bernadette Pleasant – www.livefemme.com

Let me tell you…

I came away feeling so victorious and proud of myself that I had done something that terrified me.

I connected with a power and wisdom inside me that I’ll never forget, an experience that feeds me to this very day.

And now I’m so excited to share the gift of this same experience with you.

I’ve designed this retreat to bring you beyond what you think you know about yourself.

My deepest desire is for this retreat to give you a mind-blowing, heart-opening experience that will lift you higher than you ever imagined possible.

“It’s one thing to find an inspiring teacher, who lives and breathes her vision with big hearted generosity, infusing each experience with beauty, depth and loving details.

Bernadette’s example of leadership is one I aspire towards. I had the privilege of being guided by her embodiment of grace, power, infectious joy, unbridled desire, and her mission to pay it forward to all of humanity. Thank you, Bernadette, for giving me the vehicle to rise up and share more hip-shaking redemption.

For anyone considering working with Bernadette – do it!! Being in a room with her will change you.”
Krista Kujat, Blogger, Speaker, Creator of Permission Sessions

Femme Retreats – www.livefemme.com

Your Retreat Guide

I’ve devoted my life to a singular, powerful desire: to empower women to celebrate ALL of themselves and their bodies with passion, unapologetically.

I create sacred, safe spaces for women to explore their femininity, to move sensually, to explore and release emotions, to alter and release old beliefs about themselves and to fiercely love their bodies! I design my workshops to integrate mind, body and spirit.

I’m often in demand for my gift of seeing where a woman is stuck and creating personalized practices in that area so she can find greater freedom and passion in her daily life.

Your Retreat Details

Location: Half Moon Bay Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Dates: 5 days/4 nights
Thursday, October 11th through Monday, October 15, 2018

Cost: $3700

This includes:

  • Accommodations in our private villas (double occupancy)
  • Daily Femme! workshops
  • Daily breakfast prepared by our own private chef
  • Private butler
  • Friday and Sunday night group dinners
  • Animal Encounters with personalized photos
  • Travel to and from airport
  • Plus special surprises!

This does not include:

  • Airfare
  • Additional Excursions
  • Snacks/Alcohol
Femme! Retreats by Bernadette Pleasant – www.livefemme.com
Femme! Retreats by Bernadette Pleasant – www.livefemme.com

Awaken and delight in your raw, outrageous, whole, brilliant self at the Femme! Jamaica Retreat.

Dive deep with Femme! as you dance, stretch, play, feel and connect to the rhythm of your heartbeat, as you explore your creative, radiant spirit.

Create partnership with your body.

Celebrate ALL of you. Right in this moment.

Dance with how whole and holy you truly are.

Come join the circle of Femme!

Come home to YOU.

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