A Global Tribe of Femme! Teachers

Femme! has more than 60 certified instructors across the United States, Canada, China and the United Kingdom. Femme! offers a uniquely meditative take on movement, fitness, and wellness.

Empower, Embody, Evolve, Everyday.

Femme! to me is a combination of therapy and sensual healing. Using dance and the rhythms of the drums to move through my emotions is empowering. It fills me up to deal with everyday life experience. My desire as a Femme! Attuned is to provide a safe space where the body can move freely without judgment. Empower, Embody, Evolve, Everyday.

Antonette Jerrick, Licensed Femme! Teacher and Apprentice

Femme! resonates with my ancestral roots.

My life has always been about creating as many spaces for flight and liberation as possible – especially for Black Women (like me!) and other marginalized peeps. As a healer/dancer/organizer/physician/creative. . .etc. ..etc. Femme! resonates with my ancestral roots and afro-futurist visions. Them drums y’all! and that sweet surrender. Queen Bernadette Pleasant has blessed us with this offering that will change the world.

I choose to offer space for flight/healing/freedom. In spaces where we most need it and don’t always expect it (at that social justice conference? during your meeting?)“

Luella Toni Lewis, MD, Kemetic (African) Yoga Instructor, Healer and Licensed Femme! Teacher


Attend an Experience

A 90 min fusion of sensual movement, meditation and celebration.

Femme! by Bernadette Pleasant – www.LiveFemme.com
Hire Bernadette to Speak

Hire Bernadette to Speak

For those suppressed and unexpressed who seek transformation.

Bernadette Pleasant - www.LiveFemme.com

Become a Femme! Teacher

A 4 day immersion in the Femme! healing modality technique.

Femme! Teacher - www.LiveFemme.com

Femme! is

An All Inclusive, Safe Space for

Emotional Healing on a Primal Level

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